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WinterTime Water Conservation Can Lower Your Water Bill: Year-Round?

Monthly wastewater rates for residents are based on the average amount of water used during the winter months or actual water usage, whichever is lower. This means, the more you conserve during the winter, the less your wastewater bill will be throughout the year!

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Lower Your water Bill Year-Round in Petaluma
WinterTime Water Conservation Tips


With lower temperatures and occasional rain, we encourage you to turn off your irrigation

system and water only when needed. As outlined in the Petaluma Municipal Code (Section 15.17.070), it is prohibited to irrigate landscape during and within 48 hours after measurable rainfall. Thank you for doing your part to use water efficiently!


Tip #1 - Mulch Madness

The City’s free turf conversion program for residents and businesses who want to transform their thirsty lawns to a drought tolerant mulched landscape.

Tip #2 - Water-Wise House Calls

Schedule a free visit from a water conservation expert and get advice on how to save water at home and at work.

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Tip #3 - Free Water Saving Devices & Supplies

Did you know that faucet aerators, hose-end nozzles, shower heads, toilet leak detection tablets, etc. are available through Petaluma's Conserve Program?

Tip #4 - Rebates

Rebates Available

  • High-Efficiency Toilets - Up to $150 per toilet

  • High-Efficiency Clothes Washers - $75 rebate

  • Pool and Spa Covers - Up to $200

  • Laundry to Landscape Greywater System - Up to $125

Tip #5 - How To Guides

How-To -Guides

  • Calculate Your Average Water Use

  • How to Read Your Water Meter & Check for Leaks

Tip #5 - Report Water Waste

Report non-emergency water waste like broken irrigation, overspray, run-off, etc. at

707-778-4507This first tip should be a juicy one. It’ll keep your readers with you.

Learn More

To take advantage of all that is available to you, visit:

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